SSSS and AASECT members are cordially invited
to this historic meeting being held during the joint conference

Friday, November 14, 1997, 3:30-6:30pm
Alexandria Suite, 2nd floor, Arlington Tower, Crystal Gateway Marriott, Arlington, VA

The Reasons

Why an A look at the program of the joint SSSS/AASECT meeting shows a distinct focus on negative aspects of sexuality, with few presentations focused on enhancing sexual expression on a broad scale. Too often, we as sexologists focus on politically correct viewpoints that emphasize special interests at the expense of addressing the sexuality needs of the majority of people. There also appears to be an insider perspective that effectively limits unpopular, but potentially important, points of view that conflict with the politically correct ideology. Heterophobia has become endemic among many professionals, with particular strands of radical feminist and gay philosophy virtually defining norms of heterosexual behavior. In this historic meeting, several presenters with diverse perspectives seek to introduce and encourage a new direction for our sexuality organizations—one that seriously considers the diversity of the profession and promotes a truly inclusionary sexology and allied professions. An open-microphone component will be offered to encourage SSSS and AASECT members to speak out on these and other vital issues that will profoundly affect all of us as we prepare to enter the next millennium.

The Program

Sexual Reawakening Through Body Psychotherapy
Erica M. Goodstone, PhD

Sexuality is intrinsic, not separate from, our bodies and our lives. This lecture will discuss ways that sexual issues and problems manifest in the body/mind system (posture, muscular and energetic blockages, pleasure-anxiety, performance anxiety, sexual dysfunctions, body-image distortions, paraphilias, and intimacy problems). A brief explanation with case studies will explain how body psychotherapy works and how it can be used to work with and heal sexual problems.

Freud Validated, Kinsey Repudiated: Implications of the New Intercourse
Edward W. Eichel, MA

The discovery of coital alignment validates Freud’s conception of the vaginal orgasm, providing a scientific base for sexology. A natural ethic intrinsic to the Coital Alignment Technique (CAT) is viewed as diametrically opposed to the alleged agenda of social engineering initiated by Kinsey’s allegedly fraudulent research. The attainment of coital alignment is viewed as an evolutionary step—a transcendent expression of male-female polarity. Replication studies and new findings on the G spot confirm the hypothesis of a fundamental genital circuitry that is dependent on male-female anatomy and which is unique to sexual intercourse—a biological optimum.

Thoughts from the Perspective of a Black American Member
Valerie M. Orridge, RN, BS, MA

AASECT has been beneficial to me professionally. I am, however, always astounded by the lack of black Americans at conferences. I have attended several conferences, workshops, and meetings, at which I have never witnessed more than two or three in attendance. In fact, I have frequently been the only one. This is not the first time this underrepresentation has been brought to the attention of AASECT, whose membership and presentation policies suggest that it is an exclusionary organization. The recruitment program, if any, needs to focus on developing a membership that reflects the population of the country. We will then be truly able to analyze, assess, and address sexuality from appropriate ethnic perspectives.

The Sexual Health Initiative (SHI): Toward a Sane Sex Perspective
Raymond J. Noonan, MA, PhD (cand.)

It’s been four years since the inception of the Sexual Health Initiative, a program conceived to improve our approach to solving the problems of sexuality while acknowledging its overall positive importance in people’s lives. Still, it has been slow in being implemented by sexologists. For example, heterophobia remains an unacknowledged influence on both professional and public representations of sexuality. This presentation will discuss the evolution and philosophy of SHI and the "Sane Sex" strategy of promoting a rational, healthy approach to sexuality. Specific goals for year 2000 will be presented in the SexQuest 2000 Strategic Plan ( The importance of SHI for public policy will be stressed.

A Global Sexual Revolution Is Brewing . . . And Women Are Leading It!
Robert T. Francoeur, PhD

Another sexual revolution is brewing! And all the signs I see suggest that it will be the biggest sexual revolution in at least 5,000 years. It will be far more radical in its consequences than the puny sexual revolutions of the Roarin’ Twenties and the 1960s-70s. Unlike those earlier revolutions that affected only North America and Europe, this new revolution is stirring in large and small, rich and poor nations, all around the world. It’s racing along here and in Europe, but it is also sprouting all over Africa, Latin America, and Asia where it’s shaking up traditional views of sex, and the way men and women relate and view marriage and family life.


Organized by members of the Metro New York City AASECT Chapter
for presentation during the 1997 Joint Annual Meeting of the
Society for the Scientific Study of Sexuality (SSSS) and the
American Association of Sex Educators, Counselors, and Therapists (AASECT)
November 12-16, 1997, Arlington, VA
It is not part of the official program of these organizations.

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